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Event Guidelines

    1. Little Joe’s Special Event Services, Inc. is the responsible party for all food and beverage concessions at this event. If you have questions, you may call our office at: 239-645-8714
    2. If you have never participated in any show with Little Joe’s, you must submit a photograph of your unit. Applications of food vendors without a photograph (unless one is currently in our files) will not be considered.
    3. A copy of your liability insurance (worth one million dollars) naming Little Joe’s Special Event Services, Inc., and our partners, is due with this application by the deadline.
    4. All products on your application will be reviewed. You will receive a confirmation letter of your accepted, salable products. Only those items approved will be allowed to be sold. Do not attempt to sell any item that has not been approved. This will result in your immediate dismissal.
    5. Neither Little Joe’s Special Event Services, Inc., or our partners will be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment, or injury or death of persons.
    6. Little Joe’s reserves full right of acceptance or refusal of vendors and their assigned locations.
    7. You must successfully pass health department and fire Marshall inspections to participate.
    8. All prices must be visible to the public and must include sales tax.
    9. You are responsible for collecting and reporting all Florida sales tax
    10. Your booth must be manned the entire length of the show. No early tear downs.
    11. Vendors may not resell space allocated.
    12. Cancellation will result in forfeiture of all fees paid to date.
    13. Vendors and their employees shall use every measure to protect festival site from all damages. Vendors shall be responsible for damage caused by him or her to buildings and ground. Grease, fuel, oil, abrasives, and excessive debris left in the vendor’s space shall be subject to clean up charges
    14. All vendors who were selected to participate in this show were chosen because they advertised themselves (to Little Joe’s) to be professional. Therefore, all vendors will be expected to conduct themselves in a clean, courteous, and professional manner at all times.
    15. There will be absolutely no profanity, blasphemy, indecency, or drunkenness from any vendor, or its employees, in the public eye during operating hours. This will be strictly enforced.
    16. Absolutely no barking at the customers for any reason.
    17. There will be no price wars at this event. Little Joe’s will have the final determination of all prices of food and drink items to be sold. The reason for this is to insure complete and total fairness for all for-profit and non-profit food vendors.
    18. If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or ideas, please see a representative of Little Joe’s, as Little Joe’s is the responsible party.